Back to School Event

New Location! MNTC South Penn Campus! Our most popular event of the year, the NAHE Back to School Event is held annually in August. This event gives NAHE members the opportunity to learn about and sign up for a variety of classes and activities offered to the homeschool community by outside individuals, organizations, and businesses.

Typical examples are art and music classes/lessons, physical education classes, martial arts, dance, band, orchestra, chess club, Boy Scouts, weekly middle school and high school classes, and NAHE’s own upcoming field trips.

The only NAHE-affiliated signups at our Back to School Event are the NAHE field trips and NAHE membership.

Friday, August 14, 2015  6:30 to 8:00PM @ MNTC SOUTH PENN CAMPUS

The 2015 Back to School Event will be Friday evening, August 14, at Moore Norman Technology Center – SOUTH PENN Campus. Follow link for map of SOUTH PENN CAMPUS.

Information for organizations and businesses

Information for organizations and businesses about participation in the NAHE Back to School Event is available by writing to